Yoga Health FAQs

Can I safely perform Yoga if I am suffering from disc herniation or scoliosis?

In order to see if this situation can be corrected without surgery or further pain to your wife, you may want to locate a physiotherapist or chiropractic doctor with a Yoga teaching background. This would be someone with a medical background, who specializes realigning the spine, and teaches Yoga.

I know that inversions and twists are discouraged for students with high blood pressure. But is this only if it is untreated? Can a person who is taking medication and whose BP is normal safely do inversions and twists?

The doctor's answer for students who are on prescriptions and middle-aged or younger is usually the same. The student is fine, and can take classes, if they stay on their prescription. However, the student should still get his or her doctor's approval before participating in Yoga training sessions.

I teach a class with a 60 year old Yoga student who can’t do Halasana or Saravangasana. What would be good substitutes for these poses?

We cover modifications in all of our Yoga teacher training courses. The solution depends on the reason why your student cannot practice these asanas and if these postures will benefit your student. If the reason is a neck problem or high blood pressure, Viparita Karani (Legs-up-the-wall pose) would be a good substitution for both asanas.

Will teaching Yoga to patients, who are recovering from Cancer, be of benefit to them?

Please bear in mind that I have no medical degree and am not a medical professional. The advice given is that of a Yoga Teacher. Always consult with your physician for a professional opinion. Yoga cannot replace the medical treatment that cancer survivors must experience. However, gentle, restorative yoga speeds the recovery process and provides [...]

Will I learn to care for my students so they can avoid injuries and work around injuries they may already have?

Student safety is Priority #1. If you injure your students, they will not be back and you may be opening yourself up for a liability lawsuit. Teaching Yoga is not a "show or exhibit." Teaching is about the care and concern of your students and passing on your knowledge to them. Many "gifted" student practitioners, [...]

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