Yoga Creates a Positive Mindset for Happiness

Yoga will definitely stimulate and provide relaxation. There are certain branches of yoga that play around with laughter. Some practitioners may not be able to handle a class devoted to laughing, but it promotes happiness rather than sadness and grief.

A Mudra for States of Happiness

Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 (Director of Yoga Teacher Training at Aura Wellness Center, guides you through a Mudra for Happiness. Demonstration given by Yong Yang. Yoga Techniques to Enhance States of Happiness  There are myriad yoga techniques to enhance states of happiness. Some of these techniques range from the physical postures to breathing exercises, [...]

Yoga a Path to Happiness

There are many paths to happiness and Yoga is one of them. Within all forms of Yoga, we learn the principles tolerance and acceptance. To avoid judging ourselves, and others, is a key to finding contentment. Let’s look at how the practice of Yoga can be your path to happiness.

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