Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga and its Health Benefits

Vinyasa Yoga is more dynamic than a Hatha Yoga class which is concentrated more on static poses usually held for a longer period of time. Practicing only static poses does not reveal the incredible potential of asanas to be explored when linked in Vinyasa.

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course Questions

As I was reading your "So You Want to Teach Yoga" book, a couple of questions occurred to me. It was implied that Power Yoga applies to people from the ages of 20 to 30. What I had in mind is to teach to a middle-aged group as well - would that be possible?

Chair Yoga Vinyasa Flow

For a fit crowd, an inhale on one posture, and an exhale on the following posture will be fine, but the breath should still be complete. The Chair Yoga teacher is not a "drill sergeant," so the pace of any Chair Yoga Vinyasa flow should be slow, thorough, and controlled. Chair Yoga Vinyasa Flow is not a race. The absolute and top priority is to keep Yoga practice safe. Fun is one thing, but safety overrides fun every time.

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