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The Importance of Yoga for Sports Persons

Yoga is a holistic system - teaching skills which many sports persons seek, such as control over the mind, control over the body, good breathing habits, relaxation under pressure, highly developed concentration skills, and the ability to focus on the present.

Additional Methods for Teaching Yoga Students How to Cultivate Positive Energy

The most advanced techniques, in Yoga, are based around training the mind. Patanjali mentions eight limbs in the Yoga Sutras. All eight limbs will train the mind, but the last four limbs are especially for balancing and training the mind.

Teaching Yoga – Helping Others Cope with Stress

For many of us, this attitude adjustment may require years of training or specialized training at a Yogic stress management class. One method is to teach each student special coping skills for situations that occur during a typical day. Once students have learned to master pranayama, asana, meditation, and relaxation techniques, they can try to simulate stressful situations and apply what they have learned.

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