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Yoga Asanas for Ladies Overcoming Infertility

Though Yoga is not a cure-all for every infertility problem, for women who have undetermined infertility or the inability to get pregnant without a specific cause, Yoga training is helpful in conceiving. Yoga asanas (poses) reduce stress levels, which can contribute to infertility rates, and helps balance the body’s emotional and hormonal state.

Yogic Philosophy: What Is Maya?

Yoga practice is grounded in centuries of rich Yogic philosophy. Originally, the emphasis, for those who practiced Yoga in ancient India, was on thoughtful presence in meditation. The goal of Yoga was to reach a state of strict discipline of the mind, where Yogis could spend days or even years deep in contemplation. A little-known fact is that the Yoga poses (asanas), that have recently become popular around the world, were initially developed to support meditation practice, and were not themselves the point of practice.

Yoga Poses for Kids

Many Yoga pose names are based on idea of making the body resemble objects or animals. Another pose that does this and that kids enjoy is the cat pose. The children would start out on the hands and knees. They would then raise their spine upward forming an arch like that of an angry cat.

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