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Yogic Homework – Part II

This group of Yoga asanas improves the energy flow within the body and breaks the neuromuscular knots - especially in the pelvic region, where energy tends to stagnate. These asanas are very useful for those with reduced vitality and a stiff back. These are especially useful for menstrual problems and toning the pelvic organs and muscles.

We Already Know Our Answers

A question may be: How does Yoga help to develop the personality? We can start to answer thus: According to the Yogis, the basic aspects of the personality are security (Mooladhara), joy, sexuality (Swadhisthana), action, power, self-esteem (Manipura), love (Anahata), communication (Vishuddhi), intellect, intuition, wisdom (Ajna), and Yoga, helps to evolve these, by clearing the mental blockages that are stopping us from realizing the highest levels of these within us.

Yoga… A Science of Therapy

The purpose of Hatha Yoga, Asana, and Pranayama is to create and maintain this balance, so that all the systems of the physical body are...

The Teacher, The Student, and Yoga

For meeting the needs of students in a Yoga class, three components are central to this topic: the teacher, the student, and the Yoga...

De-Stress Yourself With The Right Way Of Eating

According to Yoga, stress is an imbalance at the mental, physical, or emotional level. It is not the cause of our ills, but the cause is one's inability to cope with a changing condition. Yoga balances, harmonizes, and brings integration between physical and mental health. Yogic methods of stress management include: maintaining the physical body through the practice of Asana, awakening the vital energy through Pranayama, relaxation through Yoga-nidra, and through food - the source of Prana.

The Importance of Yoga for Sports Persons

Yoga is a holistic system - teaching skills which many sports persons seek, such as control over the mind, control over the body, good breathing habits, relaxation under pressure, highly developed concentration skills, and the ability to focus on the present.

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