Yoga Student Safety

The Direction of Yoga Teacher Training in the 21st Century – Part 2

When teachers are researching for studies about health benefits, there are so many Yoga sites that still preach "no pain - no gain" messages. How can Yoga teachers differentiate between popular and safe methods?

The Direction of Yoga Teacher Training in the 21st Century

To begin with, most people who take Yoga teacher certification courses have many other responsibilities. Among them are obligations to family members and job security. It is extremely difficult for anyone to drop his or her responsibilities in order to further his or her education. This is why so many respected universities around the world have evening classes, correspondence courses, and online continuing education.

Finding the Best Yoga Teacher Training – Teaching New Students

Many Hatha Yoga certification courses emphasize the value of teaching students who have flexible bodies or have invested years of asana practice. Yet, how many students will meet these criteria? Most students who come to Yoga classes have very little experience.

Teaching Yoga – Warm Ups in Your Yoga Classes – Part 3

For everyone of us, who teaches Yoga, we must work on improvement every day. This is not something for next week, next month, or next year. There is no time to waste, when we consider student safety. Please remember that we all have to start some where.

Teaching Yoga – Warm Ups in Your Yoga Classes – Part 2

Warm-ups are absolutely important to reduce the risk of pulling muscles, injuring joints during the session and reduce the likeliness of muscle and joint stiffness after the session. Also the Yoga postures are more easily performed when the joints have been loosened and the muscles warmed.

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Becoming a Yoga Teacher in Your Semi-Retirement

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Teaching Hatha Yoga – Silent Observation and Student Abilities

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